Adam was the correct person for the job. He kept me well informed throughout the process. It was as painless as it could possibly be. I definitely mad the correct decision hiring him. Thank you!


My son recently hired Adam to represent him with a custody issue. Adam was professional during this entire process. He explained everything in detail, filed proposed settlement agreements with her attorney, and was available to talk or meet with my son throughout the entire process. On court date, he was able to negotiate a settlement that my son wanted, without going before the Judge. The judge was pleased that this was accomplished and signed the custody agreement. I would highly recommend Adam Vorhis. He is professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to detail.


Adam was extremely helpful, professional, and did not waste either of our time. He handled my legal matters much quicker than I expected, and way quicker than a friend of mine who happened to be going through the exact same situation. I've worked with him at two firms now and I would whole heartedly recommend Mr. Vorhis. He is objective, honest, and will not lead you in the wrong direction just to have your business. He treats your personal matters, time, and money with the utmost respect. I won't look for another lawyer of his specialization in the future, as I already know he will handle anything that comes my way.


Adam is an amazing attorney as well as the support staff at the firm. He was prompt to give my family updates and keep us abreast of changes. He was honest from day one asking what the end goal was. Adam advised my father on every matter weather good or bad in his favor. I feel that he takes his job to an extra level of caring for the best out come possible. My family appreciates all the time and effort he and his staff took for our father.


Adam did an amazing job of helping me deal with the court process. I had been legally separated for 3 years before diving back into the court system to try and finalize the divorce, change the child support and the child custody. In those 3 years several things had changed and when I first went back into the courts I tried to do so without an attorney, but it seemed like everything was being done wrong and the judges let me know that. So I ended up looking for an attorney, and, through the attorney who handled the original separation, I was put in touch with Adam. My first consultation with him was wonderful as he managed to explain what the issues the judges had with the filings were and to help me understand what needed to happen. I hired him right after that. He handled the child custody first, as that was already in motion by the time I hired him. He made the whole process understandable and explained the steps needed to get through it. The child support issues, which were also underway, he helped to resolve just as effectively, moving the issue out of child support court and into family court. The easiest issue was the divorce, but he took care of that as well. Overall, he helped me through a difficult process, making it far easier to deal with and understand, kept me informed of what was happening and why. I am very grateful to Adam for his hard work and effort in helping me with the custody and divorce issues, as well as the child support issues, which were greatly affected by the outcome of the child custody case.


I hired Adam for a difficult custody case. My ex-husband wanted to sign away his parental rights, and while I was agreeable to the situation, I was completely clueless where to start. Even though my ex-husband started the process he and his attorney were difficult to work with. Adam was there every step of the way. He was insightful and kind. He was responsive to my questions, answering emails within hours. He also has a broad legal knowledge and a good moral compass. I felt proud to have him on my side. He also has a gem in his paralegal, Debbie. She is warm, funny and compassionate. Adam was able to take a very stressful situation and turn it into a win for my child.


I hired Adam to help with a child custody case. I had documents ready to file within days, he was always able to be reached if I had questions, and he was up front about cost and process. In the end, I didn't need to continue using his services, as the situation was settled in a different manner, but I recommend him to everyone I know that has child custody situations to deal with.


I hired Adam to help me navigate a tricky and emotionally-charged custody battle as well as child support litigation. So glad I did! My ex and her lawyer were extremely manipulative and hostile, but Adam remained cool under fire and didn't get caught up in frothy emotional appeal. He had a razor-sharp way of cutting through the smoke and mirrors and laying bare the real issues we needed to address. He anticipated their moves, was always prepared, and operated with precision and integrity. We didn't have to resort to their dirty tactics, which won us favor with the judge and ultimately helped us resolve both cases with favorable outcomes. I recommend Adam highly to anyone who is looking for excellent representation.


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